Intelligence Maps

More than fifty demographic, socioeconomic, and commercial variables for your environmental analysis. We also offer the ability to integrate your data and customize visualizations.TRY OUT OUR FREE DEMO



  • Description

    Ideal for entrepreneurs, and small/medium-sized companies that seek to distinguish themselves through data-based decision-making.

  • Data
    Businesses by category
    Traffic based on social networks

    - Details can be found in the DEMO

  • Tools
    Search by address
    Punctual and area analysis
    Visualization of data at a specific level
    Information query
  • Coverage
    State: Nuevo León, CDMX, and Jalisco
  • Customer service and support
    Via Email


  • Description

    Ideal for research agencies, consulting firms, or large corporations looking for a flexible tool capable of adapting to their needs and with scalability potential.

  • Data
    Premium data plus customizations such as:
    Special Datlas layers (e.g. socioeconomic level)
    Businesses by brand
    Integration of customer data from different formats (CSV, SHP, KML)
    Generation of new layers by data crossings
  • Tools
    Premium tools plus customizations such as:
    Information request and download
    Periodic data update process
  • Coverage
  • Customer service and support
    Premium service plus:
    Via telephone
    Scheduled one-on-one sessions

Use Cases: Intelligence Maps